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This Leverage bit is unlike others you have seen before.  It has a gorgeous sliding ring cheekpiece with bridle and rein slots, and boasts the famous 'PZ' barrel jointed mouthpiece.  Kind on the tongue and lips, and perfectly even pressure on each side of the mouth.  If you have been using a conventional 2 or 3 piece snaffle, this bit will give you a much softer feel.  Wonderful for finicky horses, and those who won't relax into the bridle.  Made from stainless steel, with copper inlay under bars, and as an added bonus, we have included a copper roller in the centre, to encourage more salivation and relaxation.  


"We came up with this bit, as we wanted to offer the next step up from a sliding or loose ring snaffle.  It gives more bar pressure and hence is an improved option for older horses, horses who may be heavy on the bit, and for those modalities that require more control (i.e. speed events etc).  It's also a great training bit..."