Throw away your tongue tie

Tongue relief is something that usually doesn't get said in the same sentence as 'horse bit'.  Bits usually are designed with only the human's requirements in mind.  This really cheeses me, as it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that a happy and comfortable horse equals an easier ride, a better feel, and of course a much improved communication between horse and rider.  I also really cringe when I get sent advertisements for racing bits that 'trap the tongue so it cannot be put over the bit'...  aarrrrghhhh... and to think these people won an industry award for such a contraption!  The reason a horse pulls their tongue back (and gets it over the bit) is TONGUE PRESSURE!  Simple, Simon.  So, instead of trapping their tongue/tying it down/loading it with pressure very far back in the mouth, let's do something revolutionary - lets offer TONGUE RELIEF!!  No waaaaayyyyy, woooowwww! *eyes bulging with excitement and amazement*.  Hahah.. 

Seriously, without a bit in the mouth, horses DO NOT pull their tongue back and bunch it up in the back of their mouths.  Sooooo, give them a bit which is curved to allow their tongue to stay forward and free, no matter how much the jockey is pulling on them, and you have revolutionised the way that horses race, forever!  

We constantly help race horse trainers ditch their tongue ties by simply putting the horse into a PZ Bit.  And here's another brain wave...  Allow the horse to have a relaxed tongue, and you increase their oxygen flow dramatically!  Yep, when horses bunch their tongue up the back of their mouth (to get away from an uncomfortable bit) they partially close off their airway (behind the oral cavity), and a horse trying to win a race with limited oxygen is like a x-country runner with no shoes.  Very limited in their ability and focus.  


So, instead of trying to mask the problem, how about we go to the source!  

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the above info.  We are always here to help!